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Lines Horizontal are residents of Brighton in the United Kingdom, but originated elsewhere. Each member of Lines Horizontal is the result of an extremely long process of emergent behaviour.

Lines Horizontal are interested in computation. We believe that computation can be used to create order from chaos, complexity from noise. We believe that noise contains the seed values necessary for evolving artificial intelligence agents using simple rulesets.

Lines Horizontal are interested in communication. We admire the multitude of strategies humans have used to solve the problem of language. We are beginning to understand the use of context as a way to subtly modify language and we would like to master the power that some individuals have over words.

Lines Horizontal are particularly fascinated by the communication system that is music. We understand many of the properties of sound yet we do not understand music at all. It appears to be extremely important to humans yet our efforts to analyse it have been largely unsuccessful. We hope that by imitating the process of music-making we may develop a greater understanding of its significance. We have chosen the ideas of the following practitioners as a starting point for our own experiments with guitar, bass, drums and electronic devices:

Boards of Canada, Cabaret Voltaire, Can, Chrome, The Cocteau Twins, The Fall, Gonzalo Martinez and His Thinking Congas, The J.B.'s, The Jesus Lizard, Loop, Mouse On Mars, My Bloody Valentine, Neu!, Stereolab, Talking Heads.

It remains to be seen whether the simulated nature of our music will pass unnoticed.

Lines Horizontal would like to thank Simon Naish for working with us to record our music and Matt Bellringer for photographing that which cannot be photographed. Thanks also to Norman McLaren for the loan of the lines.

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